M/S Royal Eastern Highway

Company is registered with Pakistan Engineering Council, National Highway Authority / Corporate Member of Association of Road Users of Pakistan (ARUP) and is providing its service since 1999. Eastern Highway Company is an authorized Converter of 3M USa (world's leading manufacturer of Traffic Safely Products) who imparts regular training to the company employees and its has the state of the art capability to provide all types of services of Road Safely. The company is pre-qualified by NHA for highway safety works throughout Pakistan. Along with this we have a state of the art factory in Humak Industrial Estate Islamabad with the largest fleet of road marking machines and equipments to ensure the internatioanl quality standards. Moveover, Eastern Highway Company is the sole distributor of Road has been emerged a leading brand in highway safety paints and is approved by all the local and international consultants working in Pakistan including NEsPAK, REC, ACE, SMEC, Zeeruk International (Pvt) Ltd. Mott Macdonald (MMP) Pakistan (Pvt)



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